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Strategically located in Central America, Costa Rica offers investment opportunities for companies interested in broaden their horizons and settle themselves in a country that, with its strong democratic institutions and its efforts to achieve sustainable inclusive growth, represents a success story and a valued partner and friend for Canada.  Economic and political relations between Costa Rica and Canada are very strong and profound, and include also important areas such as security, education, culture and multilingualism, as well as the sharing of values of freedom, protection of human rights and democracy.

Costa Rica’s commitment to economic growth and social development has driven its economy towards promotion of trade and diversification of its

Costa Rica: FDI (billion US $)

        Source: Central Bank of Costa Rica
production and exported goods. Exports have grown at an average annual rate of 8% since 2001.
While the traditional agriculture exports of bananas, coffee, sugar and beef are still important, the country has been very successful in diversifying its production and export trade toward higher value-added goods and services (notably high tech) and niche sectors (eco-tourism). Currently, Costa Rica exports more than 4.000 different products to 153 destination countries, exports and imports represent 90% of the GDP, and the country is highly recognized as one of the top 30 leading exporters of high-tech products.

In the last 10 years, the country has achieved a consistent growth in FDI, which has become a significant complement to domestic savings. Total FDI inflows have grown an average of 10,2% every year since 2000. Currently, more than 200 multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica has been especially successful in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, medical devices, services and tourism.  The dynamism of these sectors is evident with the growth that companies have shown and employment levels.

Costa Rica: number of companies in services, advanced manufacturing and medical devices sectors.

Source: CINDE, Costa Rica

Costa Rica: employment in services advanced manufacturing and medical devices sectors.

Source: CINDE, Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s success in attracting foreign direct investments relies on a combination of factors such as: well educated, multitask and productive workforce; positive cost/benefit relation; friendly-business environment; financial structure; clear and sustainable benefits and incentives; and a government committed with the success and stability of the investments, growth and development.

Currently Costa Rica has eight Free Trade Agreements, including Canada, United States, the European Union and China. The FTA between Costa Rica and Canada is in force since 2002, and is now under a process of modernization.

Costa Rica is Canada’s most important commercial partner in Central America. The FTA has allowed the commercial flow to increase more than 40%, accounting for US$529 millions in 2010.


Why to invest in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica

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Poverty headcount ratio at $2 a day (PPP) (% of population)



Public spending on education/ GDP



Literacy rate



Health expenditure /GDP



Life expectancy at birth, female



Improved water source, rural (% of rural population with access)



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Internet users (per 100 people)



Source: World Bank Data

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