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Find here the information of the General Direction of Immigration of Costa Rica about temporary and permanent residences, as well as the Special Categories


Temporary Residency

The Temporary Residence is an authorization for a temporary permanence in Costa Rica, generally related to a profesional labor situation. All foreigners wishing to acquire a temporary residence have to register at the Costa Rica Social Security (CCSS) and pay the corresponding fees.

In order to apply for a temporary residence in Costa Rica, remember that you have to legalize at the Consulate the birth certificate, criminal record check, and certifications of income for pension plans and permanent rent generated abroad, in the case of applications to temporary residency as retired or rentier, respectively.  Please review the section “Legalization of Documents” to have the documents properly signed before sending them to the Consulate.

You will find below details about each category of temporary residence provided in the national legislation, with a complete list of corresponding requirements.

  1. Temporary Residence for Foreigners married with Costa Rican Citizens 
  2. Temporary Residence for Religious People
  3. Temporary Residence for Executives, Managers and Technical Staff
  4. Temporary Residence for Self-employed Workers 
  5. Temporary Residence for Specialized Dependent Workers 
  6. Temporary Residence for Investors
  7. Temporary Residence for Scientists, Professionals or Interns
  8. Temporary Residence for Specialized Technicians
  9. emporary Residence for Athletes
  10. Temporary Residence for  Correspondents and Press Agency Staff
  11. Temporary Residence for Rentists 
  12. For the application to temporary Residency as Rentier (“Rentista”), the applicant must prove a permanent and stable income of US$2.500 per month, for a minimum period of five years.

  13. Temporary Residence for Retirees

For the application to temporary Residency as a Retiree (“Pensionado”), the applicant must prove a life-income of US$1.000 per month generated by a pension plan abroad.

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