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The Embassy of Costa Rica promotes and defends the interests of Costa Rica in Canada in areas such as trade, investment, environment, tourism, culture and education, as well as the interests of Costa Rican citizens in Canada.

The foreign policy of Costa Rica is based on the principles of respect of human rights, promotion of democracy, peace and disarmament in our region and in the world, and the promotion and protection of the environment and sustainable development.

With those principles as the framework of our foreign policy, the Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada promotes three main objectives:



Support and contribute with efforts towards the improvement of security and combat against organized crime and drug trafficking at hemispheric, regional and national level, by seeking the participation of Canada in national and regional projects in the area of security.


Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment

Costa Rica offers important possibilities and potential for investment in strategic sectors. The Embassy promotes and contributes with the efforts of national institutions in this objective, by means of continuous work with the business community from the different provinces of Canada.



Promotion and search of opportunities to attract to Costa Rica innovation and new technology for clean energy, in order to contribute with national and international efforts in tackling climate change and achieving a more sustainable development.

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